With my approach to therapy, I can help you to:

My Approach

I offer an integrative approach to therapy, meaning that I draw on a variety of techniques and therapeutic interventions that I tailor to your individual needs.  My approach is informed by psychosynthesis, ISTDP, attachment-based and somatic psychotherapy.

The foundation of my approach is in psychosynthesisis.  While acknowledging the pain and difficulties you experience, I hold that something is seeking expression through the problems you bring. What troubles you will become the working material for realising a sense of harmony and fulfilment.  Psychosynthesis recognises that the essence of a person is always alive and intact and can be found even in the depths of suffering.

Increasingly my approach is informed by ISTDP.  ISTDP stands for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is an experiential methodology, which means the primary focus is on all that is being experienced by client/patient in body and mind, as it occurs in the moment. This means the therapist is active in making observations and encouraging self-observation. ISTDP has been formulated to accelerate the process of therapy. There is a strong focus on anxiety regulation and on tackling the internal obstacles that prevent progress and healing.