With my approach to individual therapy, I can help you to:

My Approach

I offer an integrative approach to individual therapy, meaning that I draw on a variety of techniques and therapeutic interventions that I tailor to your individual needs.  This is informed primarily by psychosynthesis, with models and understanding from other therapeutic systems including attachment-based, somatic and psychodynamic psychotherapies.

In practice, using the problem you bring to therapy as the context, we might; look together at the impact of your psychological past including any relevant life events and attachment trauma; make conscious your current patterns of behaviour and explore deeply their origins; examine your ways of being in relationships and how they both serve and limit you; map your feelings and inner world; find creative and imaginative ways to move forward which might include using imagery, movement, somatic ideas and/or energy approaches.

My approach is founded on the principle that every individual has a vast potential to live a rich and fulfilling life.  I use a psychospiritual framework which means that while acknowledging the pain and difficulties you experience, I believe that something is seeking expression through the problems you bring. What troubles you will become the working material for realising a sense of harmony and fulfilment.

I will work with you at depth, which means that I believe all experience, from the beginning of life, plays a role in the development and functioning of your personality, often unconsciously. We learn to adapt to our environment, often at the cost of more creative, vulnerable and unique aspects of ourselves. Learning how you have been limited by aspects of your past often enables new and fulfilling ways of living to develop.  As you connect to your inner sense of wisdom and knowing, new possibilities open up.